About Us

Waelti Farm is located at the highest point in Green County near Liberty Pole Hill Park 3 miles west of Brooklyn on State Road 92.

Dale is the farm manager; running the naturally grown crops and garden market, keeping the farm running smoothly, and taking care of the chickens.

Marcy is the horse specialist. She has been training horses and riders for 51 years. Our special needs horsemanship classes started in 2013. She is experienced in teaching the art of horsemanship. We use Natural Horsemanship to build a bond of trust and teamwork between horse and rider.

Our lesson and training goals are safety first, foundation and then specialization. We have a variety of wonderful horses, many of who have been helping people learn for many years.

Meet the Horses


A greatly talented guy who can teach anybody how to ride a canter. He’s a Haflinger/Welsh cross


She’s a great step up from beginner.  Whinnie loves to trot and has taught numerous kids to post.  She’s a Haflinger/Welsh cross.

Cotton Candy:

We love to start our younger riders on Candy.  She’s patient and knows just how fast to go with riders.  She loves to be brushed and petted. A full Haflinger.

Billy Bob:

He’s the biggest kid on the block.  Kind and patient but full of pep when asked to step it up. Billy is a full Haflinger.


His real name is Naughty John but we don’t tell him that!  He’s Haflinger/Quarter Horse cross. He’s an easy going kind of guy and is very smooth to ride.


is our ex stallion.  He does great teaching people how to play with horses on the ground.


is Nein and Whinnie’s daughter. She will become a lesson pony in 2017.

 20160612_135718This is Dan.

We adopted him from Spirit Horse Equine Rescue in Janesville, WI. He’s Friesian/Tennessee Walking Horse and a big boy!  He’s tall, as gentle as a lamb, and loves to be groomed. He will spend the winter of 2016 getting ready for the 2017 riding season.

 Introducing Gandalf -the-Gray and Madison20170923_181755